National Toy Hall of Fame: 2019 Inductees

The National Toy Hall of Fame here in Rochester just announced the three toys they'll be inducting this year and they're VERY eclectic picks.

The three toys that got enough votes from the experts to make it into the Toy Hall of Fame are: Matchbox cars..."Magic: The Gathering" cards...and coloring books.

"Magic: The Gathering" cards debuted in 1993, which makes them the newest toy ever to make the Hall of Fame. Until now, the Nintendo Game Boy was the debuted in 1989.

There were nine other toys that were nominated this year but didn't get enough votes to be inducted: Care Bears, the Fisher-Price Corn Popper, Jenga, He-Man, My Little Pony, Nerf guns, Risk, the top, and the smartphone (??).

The three toys that were inducted last year were the Magic 8 Ball, the pinball machine, and Uno. 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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