Shows & Movies That AREN'T on Disney+...Yet

Disney+ launched yesterday, and it's probably going to be huge. However, even though Disney is boasting about how they're throwing EVERYTHING onto the service...NOT everything will be there from the start.

Most of the absences have to do with licensing and exclusivity deals that were previously negotiated...or other rights issues that haven't been ironed out.

Buzzfeed has a list of 55 titles that "shockingly" won't be on Disney+. That's melodramatic, but here are the highlights, and where they ARE streaming.

1. "Coco". . .It's exclusively streaming on Netflix.

2. "Up". . . It's not streaming anywhere right now.

3. "Enchanted". . . It's not streaming anywhere.

4. "National Treasure". . . Netflix.

5. "Sonny with a Chance". . . It's not streaming anywhere.

6. "Holes". . . HBO Go and HBO Now.

7. "The Mighty Ducks". . . HBO Go and HBO Now.

8. The 1999 animated"Tarzan". . . Netflix.

9. "Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey". . . HBO Go and HBO Now.

10. "The Incredible Hulk". . . It's not streaming anywhere.

11. "Thor: Ragnarok". . . Netflix.

12. "Spider-Man: Homecoming". . . It's not streaming anywhere.

13. "Black Panther". . . Netflix.

14. "Avengers: Infinity War". . . Netflix.

15. "Ant-Man and the Wasp". . . Netflix.

16. "Spider-Man: Far From Home". . . It's not streaming anywhere.

17. "Toy Story 4". . . It's not streaming anywhere. Newer releases like this will likely become available in 2020, but not at the launch.

18. "Deadpool". . . It's not streaming anywhere. Disney is keeping Disney+ family-friendly, so R-rated movies will never make the cut.

19. "Star Wars: The Last Jedi". . . Netflix.

20. The recent, live-action versions of "Beauty and the Beast", "The Jungle Book", "The Lion King", "Dumbo", and "Aladdin"...They're all not streaming anywhere right now.

Photo Credit: iHeartRadio Network

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