WW Now Giving Members Three Food Plan Options To Lose Weight

With Thanksgiving just a few weeks a way, few of us expect to be able to lose any weight for the rest of the year, but that isn’t stopping WW (a.k.a. Weight Watchers) from trying to help you do just that. 

The company has just launched their new plans, dubbed myWW. That’s right we said plans, because now WW members will have a choice of three food plan options, all of which studies have shown make you less hungry, while still taking off the pounds. 

All three personalized plans are based on the WW SmartPoints system, and all still contain ZeroPoint foods, although the amount differs based on what plan you pick. Plans include:

  • Green Plan– Members get a larger SmartPoints budget, and will still have to track their food, and they’ll have more than 100 ZeroPoint foods to choose from.
  • Blue Plan– Basically it’s WW’s current Freestyle program, with a smaller SmartPoints budget, but more than 200 ZeroPoint foods, like fruits and veggie, lean proteins, eggs, beans and nonfat yogurt.
  • Purple Plan– While this plan has the smallest SmartPoints budget, folks will have more than 300 ZeroPoint foods to choose from, with grains, whole wheat pasta and potatoes falling into that category.

Current members will be able to pick which plan they’d like to go on, while new members will take an assessment to figure out which plan is best for them.

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