STUDY: Water Helps Kids Focus

Wish there was something you could give your kids to help boost their brain power? Turns out there is, and this magic potion is none other than plain old water.

According to a new study, drinking water can increase children’s ability to multitask and improve their reaction times. Researchers analyzed test results of 75 kids between nine and 11 showing their cognitive abilities after drinking different amounts of water. And they found that the kids who were more hydrated performed better with mental flexibility, multitasking, and working memory.

“Children who were better hydrated tended to have greater ability to multitask and faster reaction times, and children who increased their water intake also increased their ability to multitask,” explains study co-author Naiman Khan.

These findings back up previous research which linked dehydration to poor cognitive function in children. And it’s a good reminder to keep those water bottles filled.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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