The Gifts Americans REALLY Want This Holiday Season

It isn’t always easy to find the right gift for someone during the holidays, but a new survey reveals the real gift most people want, but it likely won’t come cheap. 

According to a Country Financial survey, while 19% of Americans would love a vacation or luxury item for the holidays, the real gift people want is for their debt to be gone. In fact, the most desired gifts include:

  • Their biggest debts paid in full (50%)
  • Their mortgage paid off (20%)
  • Their credit card debt paid off (13%)
  • Student loan debt gone (7%

But getting rid of folks' debt isn’t an easy task. The survey notes it would cost a $58,673 on average to wipe out the debt of a consumer today. All this debt translates into some major stress over the holiday season.

  • 70% of Americans are stressed about the upcoming holiday.
  • 32% say the holidays are the most financially stressful time of the year.

But money isn’t the only thing causing stress over the holidays.

  • 21% say finding the right gift causes them stress.
  • 16% are stressed not having enough time to take care of everything.
  • 15% are stressed by family issues.
  • 4% say travel is a cause of their money stress.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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