The Most Annoying House Guest Behavior

With the holiday season officially kicking off this week, plenty of folks are bound to have a few house guests staying with them, and it seems not all of those people are guests they’d want to have back again.

A new survey finds:

  • 60% of people will be staying with family or friends for an extended visit this holiday season.
  • 21% will be hosting somebody this year, with 63% saying they enjoy hosting their family and friends.

But it seems there are plenty of annoying things guests do when staying at other people’s homes, and there’s a good chance you may be guilty of at least one.

  • The poll finds that 49% of people say the top guest no-no is arriving unannounced or without an invitation. Other guest faux pas include:
    • Snoop around (48%)
    • Break/damage host's belongings (48%)
    • Leave a mess when departing (45%)
    • Be too loud (45%)
    • Smoke (44%)
    • Leave a mess in the bathroom (40%)
    • Stay up all night watching TV with volume up high (39%)
    • Come back drunk (39%)
    • Be too demanding (39%)

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