McDonald's Shows Us How to Eat A Meal One-Handed & Internet is Skeptical

It's hard to eat an entire McDonald's meal in your car without taking your hands off the wheel. So maybe...MAYBE...this is a solution.

McDonald's Australia posted IKEA-style instructions on Instagram a few days ago on how to eat an entire meal ONE-HANDED.

Basically, you open up the container for your burger, poke a hole in the "hinge" of the container with your straw so the container rests on your cup horizontally, then dump your fries on the other side. 

So now you can put the cup in your cup holder and just use one hand to grab the sandwich and fries...or pick up the entire contraption when you want a drink.

It's an interesting enough idea...but will it actually work? People on social media seem pretty skeptical about a LOT of different aspects...from whether it will really stay balanced to whether it's a bad idea to put hot food on your cold drink. 

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