Six Easy Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the holiday season? You’re definitely not alone. From holiday cards to parties to family obligations to buying, wrapping, and shipping all the presents, it’s easy to feel anxious. So if you feel the stress taking over, try these steps that are easy to remember because they make an acronym of STRESS.

S: Sleep for seven to nine hours a night- Not only will it help save your sanity, research shows that getting a good night’s sleep can also help you make better food choices the next day, too.

T: Take time for you- Treat yourself to something you like, whether that’s a fresh manicure, lunch with a friend, or a holiday latte.

R: Relax- Unwind with a book, a cup of chamomile tea, or a nice long shower to melt away stress.

E: Exhale- When you feel like you can’t take any more, pause and take a few deep breaths. Try to focus on three things you’re grateful for or proud of and repeat as often as needed.

S: Snack smarter- There are treats at every turn this time of year, so before you dig into the goodies at the office or at home, ask yourself if you’re really hungry or if you’re just stressed. If it’s not hunger, distract yourself by calling a friend, taking a quick walk, or cleaning out your purse.

S: Step it up- Get your steps in whenever you can to help you stay active and feel calmer during the holiday season.

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