LIST: Small Things You Can Do to Better Yourself

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2019 and hello to a new year, plenty of folks will be taking steps to improve their lives in 2020, thanks to some New Years resolutions. But folks don’t necessarily need to take any drastic measures to improve their lives, and now people are sharing some simple changes that can make your life a whole lot better.

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question "What's something small you can start doing today to better yourself?,” and the community was more than happy to answer.

Small things you can do to better yourself include:

  • "Cleaning your surroundings. It's really remarkable how much a clean floor and freshly laundered sheets can improve your state of mind."
  • “I start every day by making our bed. It sounds like a dumb little thing that your mom would tell you to do just because, but it’s a little routine that just resets one thing. And it makes it easier to fall into bed if you don’t have to sort out covers at night."
  • "Donating/throwing out/selling old stuff you no longer use. Also, cleaning out your fridge."
  • "Drink more water. Less soda."
  • "Making the habit to show gratitude for the small things in life. That alone is one of the best things you can do for yourself."
  • "Go for a walk, even just a short one. It may not seem like much but I promise it can make a huge difference."
  • "Start writing your goals everyday and checking them off whenever you complete them."
  • "If you're sitting on a couch, desk chair, or lying down, and you get up to go to the bathroom or kitchen, take something with you. The two empty water bottles near your bedside or the dirty dish on your coffee table. Knock out two birds with one stone."
  • "Get a haircut, simple but effective."
  • "Start doing the 'Rule of 5' If it takes less than five minutes to do a task when you see something, and you're not already mid task, just get it done. You'll get your chore list cracked out a lot faster if you just clean the counters as you go around the house doing other stuff."

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