Parents Prank Toddler with "Worst Christmas Gift"...and it Backfires!!

A father shared a video on Twitter of his daughter opening a present and it’s gone viral for all the right reasons. Justice Mojica says he was trying to prank his two-year-old daughter, Aria, by giving her “the worst Christmas gift ever,” but her reaction totally surprised him.

In the now-viral video, the little girl slowly tears through the wrapping paper and finds…a banana. But instead of being disappointed, Aria squeals with delight. Her dad says she loves bananas, but he definitely wasn’t expecting this reaction.

"I didn’t think she would get excited for this," Mojica says. "We knew that she was really grateful, but we were really taken aback."

The proud papa says he originally posted the video to YouTube, but it’s gotten a lot more attention on Tik Tok and Twitter - it has more than 17-million views there alone. People are loving the look of pure joy on this little girl’s face and Mojica says, “It’s amazing that we were able to make the world smile.”

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