Cheap Things To Do For NYE That Don't Take Much Planning

Lots of folks like to ring in the New Year at fancy events or clubs, but tickets can cost hundreds of dollars and fighting the crowd to get to the bar can be impossible. And when you add in the cost of a new outfit, Ubers for the evening, and a babysitter - if you can find one - it can be one of the most expensive nights of the year to go out. So if you want to avoid all that and you’re still searching for something fun to do that won’t leave you broke, try one of these reasonably priced ideas that don’t require too much planning.

  • Go see local fireworks- These events are usually free and make for a magical way to countdown to midnight.
  • Host a potluck party- Throwing a party can get pricey, but not when you ask everyone to bring a dish and drink of their choice.
  • Throw a pajama-themed dance party- Invite everyone to come over in their PJs so you’re all nice and comfy and you won’t need an expensive sparkly dress you’ll only wear once.
  • Head to a dive bar- Skip the high-dollar cover charges and tickets at clubs and enjoy some much less expensive drinks at your favorite local dive bar instead.
  • Have a ‘90s party- Party like it’s 1999 while blasting the Spice Girls and TLC, dancing while dressed in ‘90s fashions, and snacking on Dunkaroos.
  • Try an arts and crafts night- Looking for something more low-key? Get your creativity flowing with drawing, painting, knitting, or coloring. Invite friends over to sip hot chocolate or wine and make some masterpieces.
  • Watch NYE-themed movies- If you really want to chill this New Year’s Eve, snuggle up and watch movies related to the holiday, like “When Harry Met Sally,” “Poseidon,” “Money Train,” or “Bridget Jones’s Diary.”

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