Top Earning Musicians of the Decade

“Forbes” is out with their list of the Top Earning Musicians of the Decade, with Taylor Swift narrowly missing the top spot, beaten by an artist who hasn’t put out new music since 2015.

At number one is Dr. Dre, with earnings of $950 million, although most of his money is thanks to his stake in Beats headphones, which was bought by Apple for $3 billion in 2014.

Taylor comes in a close second with $825 million, followed by Beyoncé ($685 mil), with Diddy (5) Bey’s hubby Jay-Z(7), Katy Perry (9) and Lady Gaga (10) all making the Top Ten. 

Forbes’ Top Ten Top-Earning Musicians of the Decade

  1. Dr. Dre (950 mil)
  2. Taylor Swift ($825 mil)
  3. Beyoncé ($685 mil)
  4. U2 ($675 mil)
  5. Diddy ($605 mil)
  6. Elton John ($565 mil)
  7. Jay-Z ($560 mil)
  8. Paul McCartney ($535 mil)
  9. Katy Perry ($530 mil)
  10. Lady Gaga ($500 mil)

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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