Top Parenting Trends of the Next Decade

The past decade has seen a lot of new trends in parenting, like for example helicopter parents, but now that it’s over we can expect to see a whole new set of parenting trends creep in.

A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, reveals some of the parenting trends expected to take off in the next decade so if you’re a mom or dad, you better listen up.

Parenting trends of the next decade include:

  • The Greta Effect– Inspired by Greta Thunberg, more children will be getting into activism and parents seem to be okay with it, with 85% of parents saying they would be “proud” of their child if they campaigned for a cause.
  • Family Gaming– With teens and younger children spending more and more time gaming, parents will start joining in, and instead of sitting to watch TV together, they’ll bond over gaming sessions.
  • Natural Pregnancy– Although health experts won’t be happy about it, there may be an increase in eco moms going back to nature with minimal medical appointments, no scans and no painkillers.
  • Period Parties– They already exist but it appears celebrating a girl's entrance into womanhood will become even bigger.
  • Plastic Free Parenting– More and more families will take steps to remove all plastic from their households, including from diapers, bathing products and more.
  • Everyday Take 20– It’s a trend where parents set aside 20 minutes each day to sit with their children and listen to them.
  • Micro scheduling– An increasing amount of moms are scheduling themselves and their kids down to the minute.

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