Donnie Wahlberg Took The Tip Challenge At IHOP - and I'm a bigger fan now!

Donnie Wahlberg Took The Tip Challenge At A Illinois IHOP!

Donnie Wahlberg is giving a server at an IHOP in suburban St. Charles, Illinois a good start to the new year.

The actor and New Kids on the Block performer rang in the new year by leaving the server a $2,020 tip after eating lunch yesterday. Wahlberg's wife, “Masked Singer” judge Jenny McCarthy, posted a picture of the lunch bill on Twitter.

Donnie wrote Happy New Year and 2020 Tip Challenge on the receipt. The bill total was only $76.

I'm a big fan of Donnie....yes New Kids....but Blue Bloods [awesome!] too. And now I know he eats at IHOP!!

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