Body Of Missing 10-Year-Old Girl Found In The Woods

Iliana "Lily" M. Peters

Photo: Chippewa Falls Police Department

A homicide investigation has been launched after the body of a missing ten-year-old girl was found in the woods in Wisconsin. Iliana "Lily" M. Peters was reported missing by her father on Sunday (April 24) evening because she never returned from visiting her aunt, who lived a few blocks away.

A search team discovered her bicycle near a walking trail in the woods at the end of her aunt's street. On Monday morning, they discovered her body in the woods.

Chippewa Falls Police Chief Matthew Kelm said that the discovery has shocked the city and urged members of the community to be vigilant as officers try to track down the killer.

"At this point, we do not have anyone in custody, and I want to reiterate that people remain vigilant as there could be a danger to the public," Kelm said.

"The people of our community are honest, hard-working, and kindhearted. It's almost impossible to believe that something this horrific could happen in our city. And an event like this threatens our sense of security. However, I believe we will come together as a community to overcome this fear. A number of resources are being utilized in the search for answers in this tragic case," Kelm added.

Neighbors said that the walking trail was popular with children and that Lily and her cousins were always riding through the neighborhood on their bikes.

"I see her and her cousins all the time. They're hoverboard up, and down the street sled she's always happy even if it's 15 and snowing out they're bundled up they were always outside always playing but yeah it's a very sad situation," Chippewa Falls resident Jeremy Machnik told WKTB.

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