Here's How You Can Stay Overnight In Dolly Parton's Tour Bus — For $10K

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Dolly Parton fans have a new, unique opportunity to stay overnight on the country music icon’s tour bus, “her much-loved home on the road that now finds its permanent place at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa.”

The tour bus, known as the Dolly Suite 1986, offers an authentic (and colorful) glimpse of Parton’s life on the road, particularly from late 2008 to March of 2022. Parton’s travels spanned about 360,00 miles nationwide over the course of 13 years. Oftentimes, the “free-spirited traveler” made trips from Nashville to Los Angeles (more than 2,000 miles) in the Prevost bus, according to its history. It continues, noting that Parton often spent time writing while on the wrote, including books, albums — Backwoods Barbie and 9 to 5 the Musical — TV shows and movies. The “I Will Always Love You” singer also prepared food for her bus driver and her personal assistant, bonding with them and leaving “little notes of appreciation and reminders” for her driver.

The personalized tour bus includes a full-sized refrigerator, a bathtub, a large closet to accommodate Parton’s wardrobe, Parton’s wig cabinet, hand-painted murals and other features, according to information about the Dolly Suite 1986.

“I have homes all over the United States, but my favorite place is the bus because that way I can just feel those wheels rolling,” Parton said in a statement. “I’m a true gypsy at heart.”

Information about the tour bus states: “The Suite 1986 Tour Bus Experience is a two-night minimum and starts at $10,000. A portion of the profits from every stay will be donated to The Dollywood Foundation.”

Find more info about the Dolly Suite 1986 here.

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