Mitchell Tenpenny Drops A Repeat-Worthy Jam From His 'In Your Face' Album

Photo: Matthew Berinato

Mitchell Tenpenny couldn’t help but laugh when he joined a new phrase to describe the sound of his upcoming album: “Farm Emo.”

The singing-songwriting powerhouse will drop his second full-length album This Is The Heavy, on September 16. The project marks the first album from Tenpenny since he debuted with Telling All My Secrets in 2018. Now, fans are eager for the forthcoming 20-track collection — and Tenpenny shared one of the new songs on Friday (August 5): “Always Something With You.” Tenpenny said on Instagram that he hopes “y’all love this one as much as I do,” as fans started dropping comments about how many times they’ve listened to it so far:

“You’re killing me in that tank top/ You’re flooring me in that dress/ You’re taking up all my Fridays/ Taking away my breath/ You’re gonna drive me crazy/ With the heaven you put me through/ Baby, I love the way you push my buttons/ Night and day, it’s always something with you/ It’s always something, it’s always something with you/ It’s always something, it’s always something with you”

Tenpenny co-wrote each of the 20 songs on This Is The Heavy, and co-produced it with Jordan M. Schmidt. The finished product is one that “finds its own lane between a little bit country, and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, and is without a doubt meant to be turned up,” reads a press release announcing the new song and track list. Tenpenny added of the project: “It’s big. It’s loud. It’s in your face and drum heavy.”

The 20-track album — which also includes Tenpenny’s previously-released hit “Truth About You” — delves into “stories behind both good and bad memories,” the release also noted, nodding to the weight of Tenpenny’s lyrics.

“I hope the fans are as excited as I am that this music will be out soon,” Tenpenny previously said in a statement. “I spent an enormous amount of time writing during the pandemic and sharing bits and pieces of what I was working on along the way. The fans really showed up for me by giving me feedback on what they were liking. Their direction helped shape this album and stretched me as a songwriter and artist.”

See the full track list below. Listen to “Always Something With You” here:

1. “This Is the Heavy” (Mitchell Tenpenny, Zach Kale, Josh Kear, Jordan Schmidt, Michael Whitworth)

2. “Good Place” (Tenpenny, Kale, Kear, Whitworth)

3. “Always Something with You” (Tenpenny, Ashley Gorley, Matt Rogers, Schmidt)

4. “We Got History” (Tenpenny, Andy Albert, Devin Dawson, Schmidt)

5. “Truth About You” (Tenpenny, Matt Alderman, Thomas Archer

6. “Sleeping Alone” (Tenpenny, Brad Clawson, Rodney Clawson, Schmidt)

7. “More Than Whiskey Does” (Tenpenny, Albert, Kyle Fishman, Jordan Schmidt)

8. “Obsession” (Tenpenny, Daniel Ross, Whitworth) 

9. “Good and Gone” (Tenpenny, Zach Abend, Seth Ennis, Geoff Warburton) 

10. “Do You” (Tenpenny, Chris DeStefano, Claire Douglas, Whitworth)

11. “Bucket List” (Tenpenny, DeStefano, Laura Veltz)

12. “Cry Baby” (Tenpenny, Will Weatherly, Dallas Wilson)

13. “Miss You Cause I'm Drinking” (Tenpenny, Jesse Frasure, Emma-Lee) 

14. “Elephant in the Room” (Tenpenny, Christian Griswold, Sean Small, Sam Sumser, Jaten Dimsdale)

15. “Happy and I Hate It” (Tenpenny, Schmidt, Warburton)

16. “Now We're Talking” (Tenpenny, Albert, Schmidt, Warburton)

17. “Losers” (Tenpenny, Albert, J. T. Harding, Daniel Ross) 

18. “Still Thinkin' 'Bout You” (Tenpenny, Archer, Fishman) 

19. “Long as You Let Me” (Tenpenny, Archer, Fishman, Schmidt) 

20. “That's How She Goes” (Tenpenny, Brett Warren, Brad Warren)

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