These Are The Top Qualities Women Are Looking For In Partners

A recent survey talked to women between the ages of 21 to 51, about what they are most attracted to in a partner. They say this is the most accurate representation of what women want in a man. Bobby Bones asked the show to give their best guess.  

Amy started and guessed personality. Eddie said sense of humor because woman love to laugh and love funny guys. Lunchbox said the size of their bank account. He thinks they know what you can provide for them. Lunchbox said he is still working on becoming rich.  

The number one answer of what women are most attracted to is financial resources, revenue streams, and power. The second answer is a kind heart and the third is intelligence. Researchers asked over 10,000 women in America between the ages of 21-51 about their ideal specific man. They said he was over six-feet-tall and earned more than $270,000 dollars a year.  

Bones guessed that might be the number one answer because it could mean they want someone who can provide security. The show agreed they don’t like this survey.  

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