Listener Spills the Tea on Lunchbox Forgetting To Give Her Something

Normally it's The Bobby Bones Show spilling the tea on each other, but this time it was a listener spilling the tea on Lunchbox.

Listener DJ revealed that 6 months ago Lunchbox was giving away a Jordan Davis setlist on his Instagram. She got picked from him as the winner, he DM'ed her and she sent him her address. However, she never received the setlist. She wanted it for her brother whose favorite artist is Davis. Recently, she responded to another one of his IG stories and Lunchbox wrote back saying he knew he still owed her that setlist.

When talking about the setlist during the show, Lunchbox admitted that he lost the setlist. Turns out it was from the iHeartCountry Festival over a year ago and he lost it after he got home. He found it 6 months later and did the Instagram giveaway, but then he lost the setlist again, which is why he couldn't send it to the listener.

He said it's in his house somewhere because he doesn't clean, so it's likely in a pile of something somewhere. He just has to find it to send it to her.

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