Bobby Recalls Meeting Dua Lipa Backstage at ACM Awards

Bobby hosted "Backstage with Bobby Bones" at the ACM Awards in Texas this year.

During his time backstage, he talked with a lot of the country music stars and celebrities in attendance. During rehearsal he thought he would be interviewing Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane, however a few hours later he learned that Dua Lipa would be joining the Stapletons on stage and backstage for the interview. He admitted he tried to tell her a joke about tattoos in Frisco that fell flat, but overall she was really cool and warm. He also noted she wasn't just nice for the cameras, she was nice off of them too. Lunchbox asked if he hugged her, and Bones said probably, but doesn't remember.

He also saw Avril Lavigne and remembered the theory that she's not the real Avril. So he yelled the fake person's name who is supposedly playing Avril, but she didn't respond. So he does think it is in fact the real Avril Lavigne.

Bones also got in a little trouble because he was handing out ACM Awards. He handed one to Thomas Rhett for coolest Bolo of the evening and Jelly Roll for the best hugger. But the team backstage didn't want Bones to hand out awards even though there were a bunch sitting near him for the "set."

There was one celebrity Bones really wanted to meet and he even asked his team to see if the person would come backstage for a photo, that person was Richard Sherman and his team made it happen. Sherman was super nice and said he's a big fan of Bones, but Bones thought he was just being kind.

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