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Dunkin' Now Selling DIY Donut Kits

Donuts are a crowd-pleaser, but you know what kids love more than eating donuts? Getting to decorate one themselves, then eat it. And now Dunkin’ is making that easy with new DIY donut kits. They come with frosting, sprinkles, and donuts so they can fix them up just the way they want ‘em and have fun making a mess at the same time.

Dunkin’s kits come in two sizes: a four-donut option for $7.99 and a nine-donut option for $15.99. Both of them include strawberry frosting, chocolate frosting, and vanilla frosting, as well as two varieties of sprinkles, because that’s half the fun for kiddos.

The idea for the kits came from a Dunkin’ employee in California, Norma Valkenaar, who thought of it as a way to keep her nephews happy while staying at home. Matt Cobo, owner of that location in Concord, and his crew started leaving the DIY donut kits as a surprise for friends and family to spread some joy during quarantine and the idea took off from there. Cobo says, “This is our small way of trying to brighten someone’s day.”

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