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How to FEEL Like You're On Vacation Without Leaving the House

Americans are planning to take less summer vacation this year, which may not be so great for their mental health. But taking a vacation has lots of benefits, and there are ways to feel like you are on one even if you don’t go anywhere. A new Expedia survey finds:

  • 93% of people say traveling is good for general well-being, while 91% say it helps with stress and anxiety.
  • Another 86% say it improves people’s attitudes, and 83% say it switches us off from work. 

But what can you do to get that “vacation” feeling without actually traveling, especially now when a lot of folks don’t feel comfortable or safe doing so? Well, the survey finds the most effective ways to evoke a vacation state of mind without physically traveling include:

  • Talk to friends and family about a vacation/vacation memory, especially those you traveled with (90%)
  • Look at photos and videos from your trip (89%)
  • Share memories with those you've traveled with (88%)
  • Wear clothes (76%) and use souvenirs you bought on vacation (76%)
  • Listen to music that reminds you of the vacation (66%)
  • Start planning your next vacation (62%)
  • Cook the local cuisine or a meal that reminds you of a past trip (52%)

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