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First Date Ideas That Are Safe & Socially Distant

Back in the pre-pandemic days, a first date may have included holding hands as you stroll to the corner bar for a cocktail or to hear some live music. These kinds of meet-ups aren’t possible right now, but there are plenty of socially distant first date ideas that let you stay safe, but don’t ruin the romance. It’s all about getting creative and having fun without putting your health at risk, like with these plans.

  • BYO Picnic- Head to your favorite secluded spot, unpack your blankets, and sit at least six feet apart while enjoying some tasty food and drinks in a romantic setting.
  • DIY Drive-In Movie- It’s the socially distant version of the classic movie date but this time you’ll watch from the comfort of your own cars. Pick a flick, pack your laptop, some popcorn and other movie snacks then meet up in a local parking lot to watch from your cars using your phone as a WiFi hotspot. You can’t snuggle up, but with the windows down, you’ll hear each other laughing and can talk without annoying other movie watchers.
  • Music Trivia- Meet in an outdoor space or in your individual cars with the windows down to challenge your date to a round of Song Quiz to see who has a sharper music IQ.
  • Pandemic Playlist Swap- For some old-school romance, invite your date to put together a list of their favorite tunes or songs they think you’d like and you do the same for them. Then meet up and listen to them in your socially distant parked cars or an outdoor space to get to know each other better through your taste in music.
  • Outdoor Sweat Sesh- Bond with your date while getting those endorphins flowing as you complete an outdoor workout together.
  • Take a Hike- Shake off your first date jitters with a brisk walk out in nature. Find a trail, park, or nature reserve that’s not crowded and explore the outdoors as a pair.
  • Play Tour Guide- Hop on your bikes or in your cars and show each other around your town, stopping at some of your favorite spots. Choose destinations that have a special place in your heart and you’ll have plenty to talk about since the destinations will inspire you on your romantic adventure.

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