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Five Things to Look Forward to in July

Can you believe it's July?? Time is flying faster than ever right now, and a lot of stuff ISN'T happening this Summer. But, here are five things we CAN look forward to this month:

1. Baseball AND basketball are set to return. The Major League Baseball season starts in about three weeks. Then the NBA is slated to return at the end of the month on July 30th. (The NHL also plans to open training camps on July 10th.)

2. A few shows worth mentioning: The "Unsolved Mysteries" reboot hits Netflix today. The cast of "30 Rock" will reunite to host the NBC "Upfront" special on July 16th. And Jim Gaffigan's newest stand-up set hits Amazon Prime July 24th.

3. In movies: "Hamilton" lands on Disney-Plus this Friday. The Tom Hanks World War Two movie "Greyhound" premieres on Apple TV July 10th. And Andy Samberg's new "Palm Springs" movie hits Hulu July 10th. (It follows the "Groundhog Day" time-loop formula and was a hit at Sundance this year.)

4. The Fourth of July is this Saturday. If you can't go see fireworks this year, there are still ways to watch. PBS's 40th annual "Capitol Fourth" special airs live on YouTube.

5. And now, the OTHER holidays: If you don't get your fill on July 4th, there are lots of other food-related holidays this month:

Next Monday is National Fried Chicken Day; French Fry Day is July 13th; Mac and Cheese Day is July 14th; National Ice Cream Day is the 19th; National Hot Dog Day is the 23rd...and National Tequila Day is July 24th. 

(Free Slurpee Day is usually on the 11th, but it's cancelled this year.)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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