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The Top Trends and Costumes for Halloween 2020

Thanks to the coronavirus, Halloween is expected to look a lot different this year, with many families forgoing trick-or-treating for safety reasons. But that doesn’t mean kids can’t still have a fun time on Halloween.

According to a recent Party City poll…

  • 96% of parents still plan to celebrate Halloween this year.
  • 60% are looking for alternatives to traditional trick or treating. 

Top trends for Halloween 2020 include:

  • An increase in decorating homes both inside an out, which will transform at-home or virtual celebrations.
  • 63% of families plan to host at-home celebrations, while 68% are planning neighborhood parades and events, including drive-by trick-or-treating, socially distanced trunk-or-treat events and more.
  • More than half of folks plan to spread the holiday fun contact-free by dropping off Halloween goodie bags at doorsteps to surprise friends and family.

Of course, no matter how different Halloween will look this year, kids will still want to dress up and Party City has determined the 10 most popular costumes for this year. They include:

  1. Slasher-themed (Mike Myers, Chucky, Pennywise)
  2. Gamer-themed (Hyperspace, Halo, Fortnite, and Super Mario)
  3. Everyday heroes (doctors, nurses, firefighters, and police officers)
  4. Disney's "Frozen" characters
  5. Tiger King-inspired
  6. "Wonder Woman" characters
  7. "Birds of Prey" characters
  8. Skeletons
  9. Day of the Dead (zombies, vampires, and other classics)
  10. Election-inspired

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