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The Mayor in the Morning

The Mayor Pete Kennedy was born in Canandaigua, NY. His father served for 14 years as the Mayor of the City of Canandaigua, and Pete stole the...Full Bio


Premature Baby "Helps" Dad with Marriage Proposal to Mom

A couple in England who just welcomed a premature baby boy are now engaged, thanks to some help from their newborn. John Sellors and Sian Stafford’s welcomed their son, Cobie, 10 weeks early – and tipping the scale at just three-pounds, nine-ounces. He was put in the hospital’s NICU and the new dad came up with the idea to propose to his partner to cheer her up.

“I'm not usually the romantic type,” Sellors admits. “But I really wanted to do something to lift Sian's spirits and she'd been dropping hints for a while about wanting to get married.” For the magic moment, he got some backup from his two-day-old wingman, Cobie, and the NICU nurses at King’s Mill Hospital.

While the parents went to grab coffee, nurses put the diamond engagement ring and a note reading “Mommy will you marry my daddy?” next to the baby in his incubator. The new mother says she was so focused on looking at her son that she didn’t even notice the note and ring at first. But then she said “yes” and the couple thanks the nurses for “such a lovely moment.”

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