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RunDisney Launches Workouts to Do While Watching Disney Movies

Getting a little tired of your at-home exercise routine? RunDisney is here to help you add some fun to your next sweat sesh from the comfort of your living room. The division of Disney that handles all the races inside their theme parks is sharing fun new workouts to do while watching your favorite Disney movies that are themed to go with the flick.

First up? The animated classic “The Little Mermaid.” This workout includes five exercises to do at different moments in the movie while watching Ariel and her under the sea friends:

  • During “Mysterious Fathoms Below” - wall sit
  • When Flounder acts like a Guppy - 15 jumping jacks
  • Every time Sebastian acts crabby - 15 clamshells, each leg
  • While Prince Eric plays the flute - plank!
  • When you see a Dinglehopper - Five burpees

RunDisney is keeping the rest of the workouts under wraps for now, but we do know that next up will be “Hercules.” So you’ll be able to belt out “Zero to Hero” while training like a Greek god. The next movie-themed workouts will be coming in the next few weeks and you can find out when by following RunDisney on Twitter and Instagram.

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