The Mayor  in the Morning

The Mayor in the Morning

The Mayor Pete Kennedy was born in Canandaigua, NY. His father served for 14 years as the Mayor of the City of Canandaigua, and Pete stole the...Full Bio


Amazon Boxes to Feature Interactive Pumpkins This Season

If you ordered a bunch of stuff off Amazon for its Prime Days this week, it's going to come in some new boxes...that can do tricks.

The boxes have the outline of a pumpkin on them. You draw a face on the pumpkin, then hold up a special app, and the pumpkin you drew will "come to life" through augmented reality.

Amazon says they're doing it because it's a, quote, "low-cost way for customers to celebrate, and reuse boxes before dropping them in the recycling bin." 

Read more --> CNN

Here's video of it in action.  If you're not going to order anything off Amazon soon, you can download a virtual box here

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