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The Average Child Crashes Parents' Work Meetings 5x Per Day

Parents and children have been struggling with work and remote learning at home, and according to a new report, they are both getting in each other’s way a lot.

A new survey finds:

  • The average child has crashed 25 of their parents’ work meetings each week since school started this fall.
  • Kids walk in on work-related virtual meetings and client calls about five times a day.
  • But children are the only ones interrupting.
  • The average parent has interrupted their child’s lesson, on average, six times, since the beginning of the school year. 

It’s no secret that the average work or school day looks much different now than pre-pandemic.

  • The report notes that the average week working from home with kids includes:
    • 25 interrupted work calls or meetings
    • 20 snack breaks
    • 6 wifi frustrations
    • 6 additional meals eaten together
    • 5 pajama days 

But it’s not all bad.

  • Parents and kids are spending a lot more time together, and 91% of parents say they hope this extra quality time continues.
  • In fact, 64% of parents whose kids have gone back to in-person schooling say they are unhappy their extended family time together has ended.
  • 58% even say they miss having their remote working “co-worker” around them. 

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