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Company Creates Candle That Smells Like 2020

There’s no doubt 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, and who would really want to relive it, but now you can, at least with your sense of smell. 

The novelty company Flaming Crap is now selling what they are calling the “2020 Scent” candle, which has four “quintessential aromas” of the year, including banana bread, hand sanitizer, woody musks, and “budget aftershave and earthy essence” to evoke the aromas of “Tiger King” Joe Exotic. 

“Many people have mixed feelings about this year, it’s been tough on many levels, but others valued their time in lockdown,” Oliver Burr, the co-founder of Flaming Crap, shares. “Our candle is reminiscent and a reminder of some of this year’s most prominent themes, and a completely unique gift this festive period.” 

And while you may not think people would be interested in reliving these scents, Flaming Crap says they have already sold out of the first batch, with a second batch expected to be shipped before Christmas. They cost about $20.

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