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Teacher Shares Hack to Make Sure Virtual Students Are Paying Attention

Teachers are always trying to make sure their students are paying attention, especially to reading the instructions on their assignments. And during a pandemic, when they’re online rather than standing in front of their classrooms? It’s even more of a challenge. That’s why some teachers are sharing a new method for finding out who’s following directions and who isn’t.

TikTok user The Creator Educator explains the teaching hack, which involves hiding an “extra” silly task in the instructions. In her example video, her hidden instruction asked the kids to meow like a cat - out loud - during the assignment. The elementary school teacher recorded the results during the math quiz and in her video, we hear a few students meow at different times, while several other kids seem confused and ask why their classmates were meowing.

The Creator Educator explains in her caption that she got the idea from another teacher on TikTok and some commenters note that in that version, the teacher gave bonus points to the kids who meowed. While some users commented that this is a “great idea” or that they “love this,” another joked that “My high schoolers would just start meowing because others were.” Some pointed out some kids may be too nervous to make a strange noise during a quiz, but in a follow-up, the teacher shares that her instructions told students they could “type” meow in the chat if they were too nervous to say it out loud.

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