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How to Make Your Morning Cup of Joe Taste Less Bitter

Many of us can’t imagine starting our day without a cup of coffee in hand, but some folks can’t enjoy the buzzy brew because they find it too bitter. So food scientist Makenzie Bryson Jackson shares a science-backed fix for the flavor - add a pinch of salt. In the same way adding a little salt makes food taste instantly better, it works for coffee, too.

Research has shown salt can get rid of a bitter taste more effectively than a sweet sugar solution can, plus it amplifies the flavor of your coffee at the same time. Bryson Jackson says adding a grain or two of salt to bitter coffee suppresses the receptors on your tongue that would usually alert your brain to the bitter taste. “Everyone has their own unique threshold for bitter and salt,” she explains, so the key to finding the right balance for your palate is to start small and work your way up.

You can begin by adding a few grains of salt to your coffee cup, and if the bitterness isn’t quite gone, keep going - little by little - until you find your sweet spot. Or you can take your kitchen science experiment to the next level by filling a dropper bottle with a solution of 20% salt and 80% water to find the right balance for you. Just go easy because a salty cup of coffee is worse than a bitter one.

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