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Do You See Gift Giving as a Competition? Most People Do

Some people take great pains to find the perfect gift for someone over the holidays, because they want to treat their loved ones to something special, but it turns out a lot of people aren’t necessarily thinking that way. In fact, many are really just looking for ways to out-gift the loved ones in their lives. 

A new survey finds:

  • 61% of Americans see gift giving as a way to “out-gift” their loved ones.
  • 39% of folks say the person they are competing with the most is their sibling.
  • Other people they try to out-gift include:
    • Friends (37%)
    • Significant other (33%)

The competition surrounding gifting can be quite stressful for a lot of folks.

  • In fact, 55% of people say gifting is causing them stress this year.
  • 24% say it’s because they are concerned about being “out-gifted” by someone.
  • Other sources of gifting stress include:
    • Finding the perfect gift (30%)
    • Items being sold out (29%)
    • The gift won't be appreciated/liked (24%)
    • The recipient will never use the gift (24%)
    • Buying something the recipient already has (24%)

But not everyone is looking to out-gift others.

  • 74% of people are simply interested in buying the “perfect” gift for a loved one.
  • As for what would constitute a perfect gift:
    • It's something they've been asking for (46%)
    • It shows love (40%)
    • It stands the test of time (40%)
    • It makes the recipient laugh (38%)
    • It can be used for years (37%) 

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