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WATCH: Hack for Cutting Cake with a Wine Glass

We love a good food hack, especially when it actually makes our lives easier. And if you’ve ever been cutting and serving a cake and thought “there has to be a better way,” the Internet has found one for you. It’s found on the site for all clever and different DIY tips these days - TikTok - and it uses wine glasses to cut a birthday cake.

In the video, after the birthday girl blows out the candles (during pandemic times, you can use a paper plate to fan the candles out), the cake doesn’t get sliced up with a knife, like we’ve always done it. Instead, everyone grabs a wine glass and takes turns scooping out a portion for themselves. The cake ends up inside the glass, no one has to touch anything and there’s no mess.

Watching it go down so quickly and simply, it’s kind of mesmerizing. And lots of people must agree because the video has racked up half a million likes and has over 1.6-million views. It seems like the ideal cake hack for germaphobes...or, you know, during these crazy pandemic times...since no one else is touching your cake. Plus, you can toast with your glass before you all dig in, so it’s even more of a celebration.

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