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The Rockettes Are Holding Lessons On Instagram

Here’s a little holiday pick me up; you can learn a world famous dance routine from the performers themselves. And it’s free! The Radio City Rockettes are taking to Instagram to spread holiday cheer.

This Wednesday and next, the dancers and choreographers will be teaching their viewers how to do their Christmas show dances. That includes the legendary “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers.” All you have to do is tune in at 3 p.m. Eastern.

Fear not. If you can’t make it, the Rockettes’ official Insta account is where you can view the lessons. The Rockettes’ annual performance was sidelined by COVID-19, so they opted to use social media for some fun interaction with fans.

Rockette Danelle Morgan shares "If at the end of the class, people are left feeling connected and uplifted, then I feel like it was a job well done — and I'm grateful for that."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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