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Are You Relieved To Not Have to Host a Holiday Party This Year?

Thanks to the craziness of 2020, most holiday parties won’t be happening. One group of people thrill are the hosts. About 70-percent of hosts are relieved they don’t have to prep for a big party. Not gonna lie, it's a mixed bag for me...Andrew & I usually host his entire family for Dessert Night - would have happened this weekend - but of course we're not doing that in 2020. It's nice to have the stress of planning for a party removed from my life this year (especially since I'm seven months pregnant!) but I'll miss the event, which was always really fun. It's always nice to get a chance to get the whole family together over the holidays! Of those who typically go to the holiday bashes, 56-percent are bummed they’ll be missing it.

Velveeta and One Poll decided to uncover people’s habits and thoughts about the lack of parties. Here’s the most interesting reveal… 52-percent admit to cozying up to someone during the holiday just to get an invite. Some, 38-percent, buddy up to pry recipes out of the hosts... and that includes neighbors and co-workers.

As far as what we’ll replace the party food with, we’ll be grazing on a variety of snacks. More snacks than ever will be on the menu for 60-percent, with some opting to try out some new recipes.

At least we have next year to prep for!

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