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What To Do With Your Dried-Out Christmas Tree

Now that your evergreen is turning brown, what are you going to do with it? Sure, you could drag it to the curb for the garbage men to haul off, but it turns out, old dried-up Christmas trees have more uses than you may have realized. Here’s how to repurpose yours.

  • Mulch it- Turning it into mulch is a popular choice because all of the tree’s parts are good for gardens. Pine needles make great mulch for plant beds and limbs and trunks can be cut up and tossed in tougher garden areas. If you have neighbors who will split the cost of renting a wood chipper, you can make a lot of mulch from neighborhood trees.
  • “Plant” it- Unless you bought a tree with its root ball still intact, you can’t actually replant it, but you can set it outside on its stand to serve as a bird sanctuary. Hang bird feeders on the branches or dip pine cones in peanut butter to entice birds to hang out.
  • Burn it- But do it outside. Experts agree that burning your old Christmas tree inside in a fireplace or stove is not a good idea, but it does make good kindling for your outdoor fire pit. Just proceed with caution because Christmas trees burn fast, there’s a reason they become a fire hazard in your home when they dry out.

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