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Guy Makes Tons of Money Renting Himself Out to "Do Nothing"

If you're looking to start a new business, this is something I know for a FACT you could do.

There's a 37-year-old guy named Shoji Morimoto in Tokyo, Japan. And he's making serious money renting himself out, quote, "to do nothing."

What does that mean? People hire him when they basically need a body but that's it. Like, he'll get hired to show up at someone's going away party to make the numbers better. Or he'll just walk in silence with someone who doesn't want to be alone.

One woman says she hired him when she was meeting a guy for the first time, when she just needed someone to listen to her views on love and not respond, and when she went to apply at a job at a strip club and needed support.

Shoji says he will, quote, "Eat and drink, give simple feedback, but do nothing more."

And since he started his job doing nothing in 2018, he's had more than 3,000 people hire him. He charges $100 per job. 

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