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Majority of Americans Planning "Post-Vaccine Splurge"

Now that folks are starting to get vaccinated for the coronavirus, it’s certainly reason to celebrate, and that’s exactly what some folks plan to do.

A new LendingTree survey finds:

  • Over 80% of those who plan to get vaccinated are planning some sort of celebratory splurge after getting it.
  • 30% plan to splurge on things like a fancy dinner or trip right away.
  • 52% will splurge on something, but plan to wait a little to be sure.
  • 19% are too terrified about their finances to do any sort of splurging.

But it’s not like folks didn’t splurge on themselves during the pandemic.

  • 75% of people say they did splurge but mostly on things that would make them feel safe.
  • Splurges included:
    • Grocery delivery (30%)
    • High quality facemasks (25%)
    • Package delivery or mail pickups (23%)
    • High quality vitamins (22%)
    • Costco or Sam’s Club membership (13%)
    • First class flight (12%)
    • Workout equipment (12%)
    • Larger Uber or Lyft (12%)
    • At-home care or beauty treatments (10%)
    • Upgraded home theater system (7%)

And apparently some folks have gotten used to these treats, because there are some things they plan to keep splurging on once the pandemic is over, including:

  • Grocery delivery (63%)
  • First class flights (61%)
  • High-quality vitamins (61%)
  • Costco or Sam’s Club membership (61%)
  • Larger Uber or Lyft (61%)
  • Package delivery or mail pickups (49%)
  • Upgraded hotel rooms or Airbnbs (47%)
  • Upgraded home theater systems (44%)
  •  Unfortunately for a lot of people splurging is just not in the cards. In fact, 15% of people say they don’t expect they’ll ever feel secure financially to allow them to splurge again.

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