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"Car Date" Ideas for Valentine's Day

If your go-to Valentine’s date is dinner at a fancy restaurant or going out on the town with the one you love, you may have to rethink your plans this year. But true romantics know that an elaborate date isn’t the only way to show your partner you care. These are some ways you can make it a night to remember from the comfort of your car, so you’re socially distanced and ready for romance.

  • Have breakfast at sunrise- Instead of breakfast in bed, grab some coffee and pastries and your Valentine and head to your favorite scenic spot to watch the sun come up together.
  • Treat yourselves to take out- Order from your favorite restaurant and have your meal on the road or find a secluded spot in nature where you can enjoy your food and a quiet and romantic walk.
  • Go to a drive-in- Surprise your sweetie with tickets to an outdoor comedy show or a drive-in movie. Don’t have any in your area? DIY with a projector and sheet in your backyard, then pull up in your car and don’t forget the good snacks.
  • Watch the sunset- Find a private area to park and soak in the sky as it turns from blue to shades of orange, pink and purple as the sun goes down. Stay long enough to do some stargazing for a truly romantic experience. Bring some blankets to bundle up in your trunk for the best view and some snuggling.
  • Pack a homemade picnic- Make some of your S.O.’s favorite foods and drive to a special location for a Valentine’s Day picnic.
  • Play some games- Bring board games, cards or even chess, drive somewhere for a change of scenery and enjoy an unconventional Valentine’s game afternoon or night.
  • Have a good, old-fashioned makeout session- Relive your teenage days with some smooching in the car.
  • Make a mixtape- No matter where your car date takes you, having good music for the drive is a must. And creating a playlist for your partner makes a personal gift that will totally up the romance factor of your date.

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