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Woman Who Put Gorilla Glue in Her Hair Now Suing the Company

I feel like Darwin is laughing at this woman right now. If you haven't heard about this, over the weekend, a woman named Tessica Brown from Louisiana went viral when she posted a video about how she'd used GORILLA GLUE instead of hairspray...and her hair hadn't moved in a month.

She went to the ER on Saturday...but it turns out that after 22 hours of trying different things to get the glue out, nothing worked. She was discharged and the hospital told her to keep using rubbing alcohol on her hair, but it hasn't worked.

So now, Tessica has apparently hired an attorney and she's thinking about SUING Gorilla Glue.

The label on the Gorilla Glue spray says not to use it on eyes, skin, or clothing...but it doesn't mention hair. you REALLY need to be told not to put Gorilla Glue in your hair???? It's supposed to be permanent.

Gorilla Glue put out a response yesterday saying they're sorry to hear about Tessica's situation but, quote, "this product is not indicated for use in or on hair, as it is considered is used for craft, home, auto, or office projects."  So're an idiot, and this is not in any way our fault!

Tessica has also started a GoFundMe where she's already raised nearly $13,000. Yikes. I definitely will not be contributing to this one.  (TMZ)

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