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Biggest Instacart Mistakes You Could Be Making

Do you skip the supermarket and use Instacart to order groceries online and have them delivered? Lots of people do, especially over the last year, but it turns out, some mistakes customers make can lead to order delays, not to mention frustration for the Instacart shoppers. Jen, a 54-year-old Instacart shopper in Massachusetts has been working for the grocery delivery company since April 2020 and she says these common mistakes are the problem:

  • Ignoring shoppers when they have questions- Jen says the biggest issue is customers not responding to questions about replacement options and more. She recommends customers keep their app open while their shopper is fulfilling their order to avoid being disappointed when their groceries arrive. Sometimes things people want are out of stock, so being able to communicate your second choice helps so much.
  • Not giving detailed instructions in the order- Instacart gives you a place to make notes to shoppers and Jen encourages customers to use it. Giving specific preferences, like bananas that are more green than brown, helps make the shoppers more efficient and faster. “I promise you, I’m not trying to mess up your order,” Jen says. “I’m not deliberately trying to buy the wrong loaf of bread.”
  • Skimping on the tip- Not tipping can lead to a lower quality of service, Jen explains, since higher-rated shoppers may not be as tempted to pick up your orders. Instacart’s default tip is 5% and the app suggests a minimum tip of $2, but customers can change their tip amount before placing the order and up to 24 hours after delivery. Jen reminds us that these contract workers rely heavily on tips, explaining, “We’re providing an honest, hardworking living and deserve to be respected just like anybody else.”

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Female customer with face mask shopping at a grocery store

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