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Mom Shares Dollar Store Hack to Teach Kids Good Behavior

A TikTok mom has come up with a creative system to reward her kids for good behavior. MichelleDarna shares the clever idea in a recent video. And the best part? Everything she uses for it comes from the dollar store.

In the video, Darna breaks down what she does to teach her kids about the consequences of Their actions. She starts with buying a variety of glass gems from the dollar store and each kid gets their own color gem and a bowl with their name on it. They earn gems through positive behavior, which can be things as simple as one gem for just saying “please” or “thank you” and for something that’s harder or a bigger deal, they earn more gems. And when they don’t do what they’re supposed to do, they get gems taken away.

Once the kids fill up their bowl to a certain level, they earn rewards and can choose something out of their own little prize box, which is all stuff Darna got at the dollar store, too. And when they fill the bowl all the way up, they get the ultimate prize - a trip to the store to get a $5 item of their choice. Lots of TikTokers applaud her parenting hack, but some critics who wondered if the reward system sends the wrong message to kids. “This seems dangerous,” one writes. “Like isn’t this teaching them if they do good they will always get something out of it?” Decide for yourself if this "hack" is something you'd like to try!

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